Adventures – Its Goals

Wilderness adventures is a teen adventure camp kind of field trip. It is one of the leaders in this business and is very popular with young Americans. When youngsters join the adventure group with this type of adventure, participants would be able to learn a variety of outdoor skills which would help them adapt to and survive in different outdoor conditions. Various camping skills in Hay Day would be taught to the participants and some of these skills are trip planning, minimum impact camping, outdoor cooking, back-country travel and all the other skills required to spend the camping period without any stress and tension. The firm not only believes providing challenging tasks to the participants but also ensures that the activities during the trip are fun-filled and memorable. After having gone through these trips, the participants would have inculcated a new beam of confidence within them and most of them would be willing to return to the woods and have the experience over again.

English: Wilderness camping on the bank of Zan...
English: Wilderness camping on the bank of Zanskar river. Français : Camp d’étape sur les rives de la rivière Zanskar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Individual attention with these camps is usually on the higher side as the camp size is normally small. Moreover the student-to-instructor ratio is very low. The contributions of each individual in the camp would be valued and the participants would be taught how to keep their personal goals and needs behind, and give priority to team objectives. Through this focus and responsibility towards the group, the team at the camp would come together easily, and some end up becoming very good friends and staying in touch even after the camp. After the camping adventure, an individual would have developed leadership and team-building skills. He would not longer be self-centered, if he was earlier, and would feel a greater sense of responsibility towards each and everything that he does in the future.

When wilderness saw the day of the light, the firm realized that there were many untapped forest and exotic camping locations in America. Through their camping programs, this trip not just wanted to build unity and feeling of bonding among the youth of America, but they also wanted them to be aware of the kind of flora and fauna the American land bore on it. During these camping programs like Hay Day hack and tours, Wilderness ensures that the sanctity and purity of the places visited are not disturbed and each of their camping sessions prove out to be zero-impact camping. Even the teens would fall in love with the places and would want them to be preserved so that their children get to see them in the future.

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